24 April 2015

About us

This site is run by freelance legal translators who have accrued a time long expertise on legal, juridical and financial translations both into Italian and English.

What makes us stand from the crowd is the use of plain, direct and intelligible language as we are definitely against all abstruse, complex, often unnecessary gobbledegook language which is still common practice especially in Italy with lawyers, bureaucrats and office literature.

Aside from translations we also try to offer or receive answers to linguistic queries posed by us or asked by other legal translators on the Web. We try our best to keep this website updated with information and tools freely available on the Web for the benefit of all and sundry. Visitors are welcome to improve this website with their contribution or advice.

Our translators also teach students in translation courses using a language that is as much as possible clear, direct and simple within reason.

1 thought on “About us

  • Hi

    We are marrying in Malcesine on 5 Sept and need Certificate of No Impediment x 2, Birth Certificates x 2 and Decree Absolute (Divorce) x 1 translated and legalised in Italy.

    Do you do this kind of work and can you give an idea of cost & timescales for completion?

    Thank you

    Chris Dickson

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