24 April 2015


These two Glossaries are based on actual translations. They are not typical glossaries, that is, a simple and straight list of translated words. They also list syntagmatic structures (a group of words bound together and ossified by tradition and use such as pursuant to, my just and lawful debts, all and sundry, each and every, known all men by these presents, and other kinds of gobbledegook that we try to ignore if they don’t add vital information to the overall discourse) along with actual ‘shreds’ of fairly longish bits of phrases with legal contents typical of juridical or financial jargon.

The first of the two glossaries called GLOSSGEN can be viewed directly by clicking on the link.

The second Glossary is available on line on LEGAL GLOSSARY ITALIAN/ENGLISH. You can either use it as it is or make it editable according to your need.

Don’t feel disappointed if you wanted to translate ‘informiamo’ or ‘si informa che’ and you’ll come up with ‘known all men by these presents that’ because that was the best way to translate that word or expression in the specific context of a Power of Attorney. In this case you have to either forward your research or consult other tools.

We are very grateful if you can suggest corrections, improvements on any of the aspects of this site as regards the Legal Glossaries. We do thank you in advance for your advice. All contributions, additions, integrations will always be checked by our translators and handed over to our Site Master before your improvements will become public, this is simply done for sake of keeping a high standard of quality for this site.


The Legal Glossaries, all information on this site including the translations made by way of an agreement between us and our clients are done bona fide with the best of intentions and professional knowledge.

We shall in no way whatsoever be held responsible, neither directly nor indirectly, for any kind of damage or loss of profits incurred by the Client and ensuing from the use of information supplied by this site. We can only indemnify our clients for the price of the translation.

The client may lodge a complaint within 10 days from the forwarding date of the printed translation or from sending date by e-mail.

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