28 April 2015


If you need a quote please send us a scanned legible copy of your WHOLE document(s) (front and back) to claudio146@gmail.com. No snapshots of documents accepted, best formats .PDF or Word. Your privacy is guaranteed by Law at any one time. You will soon receive a range of quotes and advise on the cheapest, convenient and fast way to legalise your documents.

Please note: if you want to receive in the shortest time possible an exact quote for your document please do not forget to specify the following data

  • Source language
  • Target language
  • Text length (pages, words or characters)
  • Deadline
  • Legalisation
  • Apostil

You will soon receive an overall price with a full breakdown of all intervening costs and discounts, if any.

A standard translated page consists of 25 lines, (A4-size sheet) or 1,400 characters including spaces or about 200 words, each word priced at €0.13.  The smallest assignment is one page independently of the actual number of lines and/or characters.This is a rough price as there are many variations due to urgency, lenght, difficulties, layout, etc. that may increase or reduce said price.


A Sworn Translation or Certified translation requires a Stamp Duty or  a Government Tax Stamp (Marca da Bollo) of € 16, sometimes an extra € 4.00 on the Statement of Oath sheet, depending on the local Law Court. The € 16 stamp is applied on every fourth page of the translated document (in some Courts this also applies to the pages of the source document); say your translated document consists of 11 pages, you are required to apply a Stamp on the 4th, 8th and 12th page (the 12th page being the attached Oath sheet form printed by the Law Court).


Briefly, the total price for a Sworn Translation consists of four elements

The actual translation
The legalisation service of the translated document plus Apostille, if any.
The set of Tax Stamps
If needed, forwarding of the legalised document(s) as recorded fast delivery letter or through private courier.

If a document legalised in Italy is used abroad you need an Apostille, too consisting of a rubber stamp printed on the back of the last translated page. You may read on about what an Apostille is by clicking here.

Normally you may have your certificate translated and legalized in one or two days, but if you also need an Apostille just add a couple of weekdays, more if it has to be sent to U.k. (about a week) or anywhere in Italy (in 24 or 48 hours)

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