12 May 2015

Translation agencies or freelance translators?

I think one is on a par with the other, your choice depends on too many factors.  Contacting an individual translator rather than a translation company or agency has many advantages. First and foremost a good relationship between a client and a translator (known by name) gives you piece of mind in case you want to contact him/her while the job is being done for improving or amending the final text either in the source or target language, in its linguistic and/or overall layout. A translator may suggest you if a text is not enough clear or it is subject to interpretation or reading is difficult because of verbosity or syntactical labyrinthine long sentences crammed with legalese-ridden expressions and gobbledygook, and if possible, adapt it to the target reader.

We don’t split the job among a team of translators, but you know from start who is doing the translation and can personally follow the progress of the translation step by step. It is undeniable that a mutual exchange of honest feedback between client and translator can only improve the quality of a high-grade final product. If you want to update your documents for various reasons while or after its translation; no hassle, you can contact the translator and make arrangement directly with him/her to solve the problem.

Our translators are all certified and we are constantly in contact with you for all queries of all kinds concerning your translation, state and timing in order to guarantee an excellent job. Your knowledge of the document and the environment in which it is going to be used can be of great avail to our translators.

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