1 May 2017

Bilingual texts for TM

WordPress does not allow uploading .XLIFF, .TMX, or .XLS file formats but I have managed to convert the files into .txt Unicode (UTF8) format.

This is the raw material to create your TM. First, download LF Aligner from here. A freeware, simple and compact aligning software, load the two files below and follow the instructions. At the end, you are offered with the option of saving the file in .XLS or .TMX format.



These files are the equivalent of about 250 pages and is a big help for legal translators who have a hard life to find bilingual legal texts on the Web and are rather jealous to turn their own TMs as public domain.

In the next future, I shall be uploading a few more. You want to check this webpage every now and then or hit Facebook to get updated. Also, I have recently published via Amazon (16.04.2017) LA TRADUZIONE LEGALE where you can find a list of bilingual abstracts from authentic English and American legal documents that you may turn into TMs.